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 Electronics technology is one of the important technologies which support infrastructure for an advanced information society and research of materials support the development of electronics technology. Appearance of a novel material brings about a revolution in electronics and human society. Our target is to develop new materials which will realize new electronic deveices, and our present effort is concentrated on development of InGaAlN mixed crystal system which is used for production of blue light emitting diode and ultra-violet emitting diode. In 1987, Matsuoka proposed the use of InGaAlN for wavelength control of LEDs, and various researches of wide spectram were piled up since that time for this material. They are epitaxil growth by MOCVD, estimation of miscibility gap region、proposal of novel substrate for epitaxial growth and effect of crystal polarity on growth characteristics and crystal properties. In those process, Matsuoka found the bandgap of InN locates around 0.9 eV which is much lower than previous estimation. To achieve high quality InN epitaxial layers and to realize novel optical devices, such as temperature insensitive Laser Diode in infrared region for optical transmission systems is one of the important target of our laboratory

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News Topics

2015/5/7-8The 7th Symposium on Growth of Nitride Semiconductors (Pre ISGN-6), supported by JACG Nano Epitaxal Growth subcommittee, will be held at Sendai. Prof. Matsuoka will give a plenary talk.
2015/3/11-14Mr. Aisaka and Ms. Shojiki gave oral and invited presentations, respectively, at The 62nd JSAP Spring Meeting.
2015/1/31Ms. Shojiki won a Best Presentation Award of JSAP Tohoku Chapter Annual Meeting.


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